Parisian photographer and director

Fashion, portraits, travel, music

Analog and digital


Cacharel, Christian Dada, Devernois, Double Sens, Elie Saab, la Fée Maraboutée, Karl Lagerfeld, Kujten, Manoush, Pimkie, Ralf And Russo, Roger Gallet, Serial Records, Tex, The Avener, Universal Music, Vivienne Westwood, Warner Music, Wunderkind, X-Ray production, etc



Check my project the 37th Frame

I asked every person I photographed to take a portrait of me, using the very last frame of each roll of film. 
I encouraged them to be creative and to really think about the picture they were about to take, as they only had one shot. 

It's exciting to challenge people, to see what decisions they take when they're put on the spot, when they have to think quick.

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